PARADE RULES.  Entries are non-refundable should the parade be cancelled due to inclement weather. Proceeds from the parade go to charities supported by the McKinney Rotary Foundation.
PARADE RULES 2023—Read all rules carefully as noncompliance may result in termination of your participation in the parade.


1. NOTHING THROWN. For safety reasons, nothing can be thrown from the floats. (No candy, toys, confetti, etc). Items may be HANDED out.

2. HEIGHT REQUIREMENTS: For safety reasons, no entries can exceed 12 feet in height.

3. APPROVAL: After lineup, all vehicles and groups will need to be approved by parade committee member.

4. SANTA: No live Santas can be in the parade. (The “real” Santa will be the Rotary Santa. More than one Santa will confuse children).

5. MOTORCYCLES: No motorcycles allowed, due to noise.

6. VEHICLES: All vehicles must be street legal. (no go-carts, etc.)

7. HORSES: No horses allowed, except for MPD Mounted Patrol.

8. GENERATORS: All vehicles with generators must have working fire extinguisher.

9. HOLIDAY THEME: Rotary parade committee has the final approval of all parade entries. If any entries are deemed inappropriate for the family / holiday theme, they will be removed from the parade. (Hate-speech, political verbiage, profanity, “scary” images or characters, etc. will not be allowed.)

10.  POLITICIANS: Only the name of the politician, and the elected position / title will be allowed on the vehicles. No political party “message”. (E.g.: “Hon. Nathan Hecht, Republican Candidate for Chief Justice, Supreme Court, Place 1” is allowed.)

11. ALCOHOL: No alcohol is allowed in the parade staging area.

12. STAGING AREA: PARKING LOT AT THE CORNERS OF HUNT AND CHESTNUT. All vehicles and floats are assigned a number. Please arrive during your assigned time to minimize traffic. DO NOT PARK ON THE STREETS AHEAD OF TIME - THIS ONLY DELAYS THE LINEUP PROCESS.

13. VEHICLES: All vehicles must have license plates, current registration, inspection and insurance up to date. We encourage you to show up with a full tank of gas.

14. PARKING/VEHICLES: ONLY VEHICLES DRIVING IN THE PARADE WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE STAGING AREA. Vehicles transporting walking groups to the staging area will not be allowed in the staging area. Finding parking for said vehicles will be the responsibility of each group.

15. SIGNAGE: Signs for floats are the responsibility of the organizations.

16. NO-REFUNDS: Parade fees are non-refundable.


    Parade floats which include hay, paper streamers or decorations shall have a minimum of one fire extinguisher affixed to the trailer.

    No flammables or containers are allowed on a parade float or trailer transporting people.

    There shall be no smoking prior to and around a parade float while in movement.

    No fireworks or the like allowed on a trailer or float.  

    If there is a fire extinguisher required, it must be displayed and serviceable.  

18. CELL PHONE: We need a cell phone number for one contact person for EVERY PARADE ENTRY. Make sure your phone is on and charged. (This is in case the committee needs to reach you prior to lineup).
19. Once your group has completed the parade route, please DO NOT re-enter the parade
20. Once you have begun moving in the parade, please do not stop along the route for performances etc., the parade is to continue moving without stopping.
21. JUDGING: Your float must be ready for judging (decorated, set up, lights on, etc.) no later than 6:00pm.  Judges will make their decisions prior to the start of the parade at 6:30.