Feb 08, 2019
Steve Carter
“What Tax Reform Means to You”

With the passing of the 2017 tax reform bill, paying your taxes in the future will be a whole new ball game.

In “What Tax Reform Means to You,” certified tax coach Steve Carter, president of Carter Group Tax Service, explains how the largest piece of tax reform legislation in three decades affects nearly everyone, including:


  • The impact of lower tax rates and changed income ranges on single and joint filers
  • How the doubling the size of the standard deduction affects older taxpayers who don’t carry a mortgage and have limited deductions

    Steve Carter, EA, CTC


    Carter Group Tax Service




    As one of the leading small business consultants in North Texas, Carter Group Tax Service providing a wide range of financial-oriented services, from small business bookkeeping and QuickBooks training to proactive strategic tax planning and succession planning and bank loan preparation.


    As a Certified Tax Coach™, Steve enables taxpayers to be proactive in managing their taxes by using court-tested, IRS-approved strategies, including minimizing Alternative Minimum Tax, maximizing deductions from real estate and other passive sources and maximizing retirement savings.


    And as an Enrolled Agent, Steve is licensed by the United States Treasury to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service – he’s the person you call first when you need serious help with your taxes.


    Prior to opening Carter Group Tax Service in 2004, Steve was president of Otis Carter, Inc. in Dallas, a consulting firm providing primarily bookkeeping and tax services to small business clients, including sole proprietors, partnerships, nonprofits and corporations and individuals.


    Before that he was Director of Data Operations: for Utility General, Inc. in Dallas, a third party insurance administrator for specific utility products and Controller/Systems Director for Tropicalanta, Inc. a fast-food franchisor in Atlanta.


    A Fellow of the National Tax Practice Institute, Steve is the current Treasurer for the Texas Society of Enrolled Agents and a board member of its local chapter, North Texas Enrolled Agents. He is a graduate of Dallas Baptist University with a dual major in Business and Christian Ministry.

    How the myriad of changes for the self-employed will affect their bottom line