In a heartwarming tale of transformation, the Global Grant initiative of the Rotary Club of McKinney, Texas, brought newfound hope and vitality to the lives of underprivileged patients. With a budget of $ 120,000 the Club successfully completed a Kidney Dialysis project in two hospitals, providing medical care to those in need in India.

Currently, 25 individuals from improvised backgrounds are receiving free dialysis treatment, thanks to the unwavering support of the Rotary Club of McKinney. Among these beneficiaries is Rajesh, a former auto-rickshaw driver whose life took a drastic turn due to kidney-related issues. His plight, compounded by his wife’s disability and his son’s autism seemed insurmountable.

However, with the initiation of the dialysis project, Rajesh’s journey towards recovery began. Identified as a potential candidate for a kidney transplant by the medical committee of the host Rotary Club, Rotary Club of Kottayam East, Rajesh underwent a life changing procedure, in the Caritas hospital, receiving kidney from his devoted wife. Miraculously, his body accepted the transplant completely.

Rajesh’s remarkable recovery not only restored his health but also revitalized his spirit. With the unwavering support of the Rotary Club, he regained his former job, providing much needed stability to his family. His son, echoing the sentiments of gratitude, expressed his heartfelt thanks to the Rotary Club of McKinney, RI District 5810 and Rotary International in a touching message.

Moreover, Rajesh’s recovery has paved the way for another patient in waiting, to begin the free treatment. This highlights the profound impact of Rotary’s service projects in saving lives and enhancing the quality of life across the globe.

Reported by C.C. Theophine Chamakala, District 5810 Global Grant Chair.