We are again going to collect items to be sent to some of our active service members who are overseas as a way to help them celebrate the Christmas holidays and know folks back home are appreciative of their efforts to keep us safe. Our very own Mark Potter will coordinate the shipping activity to the individuals and we will get a list of their names. In addition to the items on the list we will have Christmas cards at future meetings for our members to sign and we will include those in our packages. I know personally how much these types of packages mean to the troops as I sent many to my grandson while he was in the Navy, these items and the thoughts mean so much to them and many do not have family contact or support so it is extra special to them to receive something. Please consider to start brining items from Nov 15th through Dec 11th so that we can help these 25 young people have a special holiday season and to let them know that they are supported and appreciated.